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Christmas is a time of great celebration in the UK, partcularly for kids who, normally, are the main beneficiaries of so many presents that they don't know what to do with them! For adults it is often an occasion for taking holidays from work, and spending time with the family. Despite the fact that Winter has well and truely made its presence felt at that time of year, it is also a 'feel good' time of year for many people.

This is not just because of the time off from school or work.

One of the great things about this time of year (like New Year) is that it gives us the excuse to exchange positive pleasantaries with people we might barely know, and possibly to say really nice things to people we know very well. Saying ' Merry Christmas' and hoping people have a 'lovely Christmas holiday' makes us all feel better.

One of the other great Christmas traditions - the sending of Personal or  Business Christmas Cards - can also be a great opportunity to reconnect with friends that might be some distance away, and you don't get the chance to see too often. It may also give a business the opportunity to remind their customers that they are still very much alive and kicking!

In the UK, we have a number of Christmas traditions that have woven themselves into our culture over the years. The giving of gifts, hanging out lights and decorating a christmas tree,  the turkey roast and Christmas pudding for Christmas lunch, Father Christmas being available for kids to make their requests for presents, and then Rudolph the Reindeer taking the sleigh around the world, dropping presents down our chimney's, and kissing under mistletoe. These are all traditions adopted in the UK.

On this site, we are presenting how other countries around the world celebrate Christmas, and their traditions, and some of them are very different from the way that we celebrate it in this country. Of course, not all countries around the world recognise, let alone celebrate Christmas, but this site talks about some of those that do!